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storage sizes

Contact 269-262-2030 to check on availability and pricing.

5' x 10'

10' x 10'

10' x 15'

10' x 20'

Call for current pricing!

There is a $20.00 deposit that will be refunded when you vacate the unit providing it is left clean and swept.


It is important for tenants to maintain a current address and phone number with the office to insure deposits are returned in a timely manner.


Moving in costs are pro-rated


Rent can be paid via


There may be additional fees.

5' X 10'

This unit totals 50sq/ft, with 8ft ceilings (the size of an average walk-in closet). This amounts to space enough to hold approximately 20 large boxes if stacked well. You may stack boxes to the ceiling, but it is advised that the boxes do not touch the sides or top of the unit. Start with the heavy boxes on the floor and build up as boxes get lighter. Remember if you are storing furniture like small dressers, pack inside the drawers!

A 5’ x 10’ will fit the contents of a small bedroom, including a few extra boxes; it can hold small motorcycles, if placed well. A king-sized bed set, including the box spring, will also fit in this sized unit. The better you organize and pack, the more space you have.


10' X 15'

This unit is 150sq/ft with 8ft ceilings. This unit is comparable to a bedroom or two-thirds of a single car garage. This unit can fit up to four rooms worth of your things, perfect for larger items such as furniture, appliances, patio furniture, lawn equipment, jet-ski’s, or compact cars.


10' X 10'

This unit is 100 sq ft and has 8ft ceilings. This is the size of a small bedroom or half of a single car garage. This unit can hold the contents of up to three rooms if things are packed and stacked well. This unit is an excellent choice for the belongings of two-bedroom apartment, up to 800sq ft. This unit is too small for vehicle storage, however may be adequate for motorcycles.


10' X 20'

This unit is our largest, measuring 1,600 cubic feet of storage space. This unit is the perfect size for storing the contents of multi-bedroom homes – furniture, appliances, patio furniture, lawn equipment/tools, etc. It will also be large enough for most cars and trucks, motorcycles, or tractors. The more organized you are, the more you can store in this unit. You can also erect some free-standing shelving to help make this endeavor easier.

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